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Sample Stories

Aquarium Essentials Some Important Tips
Did you know fish is one of the favourite pets for families with young children? But before you decide to keep an aquarium at home, you have got to learn a few basics. Apart from its beauty, it also contributes to the family’s understanding of nature and science

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Animal Assisted - Animal Assisted Therapy comes to India
Sheela, eight, is autistic. Till a few months ago, she found it very difficult to interact with her family, peers and teachers. Her extremely short attention span made it arduous for her to remember anything. But those are things of the past. Today, she is a happy child. Her attention span and concentration have improved and she has started saying simple words like ‘ball’, ‘dog’, ‘come’. How did this happen? Who brought about this change? Casper, her best friend. Wondering who Casper is? A therapy dog.

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Understanding the fact that different breeds of dogs have different levels of intelligence is important for dog owners since intelligence determines how easily you can train a dog to do the things you want. However, you must remember that a smart dog will not only learn what you want quickly, but that dog will also easily learn what he can get away with around your home

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6th India International Pet Trade Fair - Showcasing the Indian Pet Industry to the world at large
The chief mission of IIPTF is to give a boost to the revenue of the pet industry by providing members with a platform to congregate and network, thereby generating revenue for themselves and others

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Importance of Ready Made Pet Food
You are what you eat and the same applies to your pet. Good nutrition is essential to keepyour pet healthy. In the busy lifestyle that most pet parents lead, it isn’t always possible to provide the right balanced and healthy meals for your pet. A proper packaged dog food diet can help it maintain a healthy weight, keep its coat lustrous and keep its teeth clean. Commercial dog food can also help address health issues like itchy skin, certain urinary tract disorders and hip and joint stiffness.

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Pet Microchipping
Nowadays pet microchipping is a common practice. Most of us, however, do not know what exactly the microchip is and what it is used for; let alone how to implant them and if there are side effects of this procedure. The following is an overview of pet microchipping.

The Microchip: Microchips are about the size of a large grain of rice and are based on a passive RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Each microchip has a unique identification number. Microchips are a passive or inert, RFID device, and contain no internal power source. They are designed so that they do not act until acted upon. They only become active and start sending information when a scanner is used. The rest of the time they are totally inactive. Read about it...

Public Pets
People, the world over, strive and crave for pets. The joy pets bring is unparalleled and pure. Yet, we Indians remain aloof to perhaps our greatest boon – the number of PUBLIC PETS we have in our country.

Yes, that’s right. What we call ‘street dogs’ are actually God’s gift to India. We don’t have to necessarily keep a ‘private pet’. Our karma has really worked for us. Editorially, 2010 has in actuality had a fantastic beginning for Creature Companion; finally, finally we can get rid of the term ‘street dogs’ and delete it completely from our vocabulary.

However, there would always be a difference between a ‘private pet’ and a ‘public pet’. For starters, a ‘public pet’ cannot go to bed with you, though it can be equally well groomed and can even look smarter than your ‘private pet’. Read about it...

Heart Diseases of Dogs
Heart disease in dogs is not commonly diagnosed unless one notices the common symptoms like unnatural fatigue or tiredness during normal exercise or acute breathlessness. The treatment of the dog heart disease depends upon the disease and the severity of the conditions. Read about it...

Kittens Supercharged Dynamo's
Your kitten should ideally be, between eight and ten weeks of age before they are separated from mom. The reason, within that time frame your kitten has been nourished by mom’s rich milk which provides them with just the right kitten nutrients they need to grow and flourish. She’s also taught them cat skills they will use all their lives. How to stalk silently, how to dean themselves, all the cat noises they will use in communication (oh yes, once your kitten has joined your family you will be able to distinguish between their vocalizations). Read about it...

A large number of ornamental aquarium fish belong to this interesting and delightful species. The Cory as they are lovingly called is one of the most known genus among aquarium fish. They can be kept in a community aquarium since they are not aggressive and do not disturb other species. They are easy to keep being passive, small, strong, active and amusing. Read about it...

Philosophy of Nature Aquarium
In Nature Aquariums, we receive layout technique inspiration from nature, and apply such inspiration to the actual aquascape. The basic principle of “learning from nature” is to understand the machine of nature, such as eco system, and see natural environment through Nature Aquarium. The layout with nature of order is equipped with a high natural purification by water plants and microorganism, and shows propagation and declination of water plants in the course of time. This is the real attraction of Nature Aquarium. Read about it...

Pet Industry in India and China
A Euromonitor International Report 

Changing lifestyles in the form of the rise in nuclear families and double income households have encouraged the growth of pet ownership in urban areas of India. Increasingly, pets are being looked upon as companions and members of the family rather than as guard dogs for example. Pet owners have started to take an interest in their pet’s diet, health and grooming. A gradual shift towards prepared pet food has been observed. Pet owners are more willing to spend on pet food and pet care products than ever before. This trend has spawned an entire industry, with a growing emphasis on pet care. Read about it...

Trend Watch: Growing demand for functional pet food 
All of the major players in the pet food market have now developed a wide variety of functional products by either launching extensions of existing brands or creating entirely new product lines. One of the most established forces in the functional segment is Colgate-Palmolive, whose Hill’s Science Diet accounted for close to a quarter of the value of premium pet food sales in North America in 2006. Globally, it enjoyed a premium pet food market share of 14 percent in 2006, making it the segment’s leading brand. Among the functional products marketed in this range are dog foods that claim to clean teeth and freshen breath (Oral Care Adult), maintain healthy skin (Sensitive Skin Adult) and are easily digestible (Sensitive Stomach Adult). Read about it...

Indian Pet Care Segment Moving Fast Forward 
With gradual economic growth and changing lifestyles, India’s pet care industry has perceived tremendous development over the last few years. Pet owners in the country’s urban pockets have begun to look upon their pets more as ‘companions’ or members of the family, rather than just domestic animals. And these people increasingly take keen interests in the diet, health, and grooming of their beloved pets. In turn, a swift change in the pet care market has been observed over the review period. This new trend has spawned the entire industry, with major pet product players emphasising. Read about it...

Pet Grooming: A Business of Rs. 300 Crore Industry 
The pet industry in India is estimated to have a revenue potential of Rs 350 crore, out of which Rs 150 crore is attributed to the medical, grooming and immunisation segment. According to the Research and Consultancy Enterprise (RACE), the consulting arm of the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) in Gaziabad, there are about 2.2 million domestic dogs in Indian households, with the population increasing by around 26 percent a year. According to DARE estimates, the total market size of the pet grooming industry in 2007 was Rs 132 crore. This is expected to grow to Rs 299 crore by 2010. Read about it...

Precaution for Your Pets in Rainy Season 
As a pet owner, you must be very concerned for your beloved’s health and you want that it should always be in good health. The question is what type of problem you suppose to face in monsoon season and how to combat with it. As a veterinarian, I must advise you that the foremost thing is not to give your pet a direct and sudden cold exposure during rainy season. It could be dangerous for your pet, because the sudden change may create some problem for the basic immunity of your pet and even pneumonia can be developed... Read about it...

The Mastiff
The Mastiff as a breed also tends to suffer from bloat. Bloat is a condition that all owners of large breed dogs need to look out for. The stomach of this animal is large and pendulous. If they are fed a very large meal and forced or allowed to exercise after the meal, the stomach, due to the weight of the food, may twist along its longitudinal axis. The food then is trapped within a closed sac. It can neither move upwards or downwards. To add to the complications, the food starts to get digested and gases begin to form. In as short as an hour the stomach swells up with fermented gases and the animal can die of shock. Read about it...

Basic Dog Training: Principles for Dog Owners
Be consistent. A behaviour is either acceptable or it isn’t. It can’t be acceptable on alternate Tuesdays when you’re in the mood. For example, it can’t be OK to allow your dog to jump all over you on the weekends when you’re in casual clothes, but not during the week when you’re dressed for work. That’s an obvious one, although you’d be amazed how many people I’ve met who do exactly that. Here’s one that’s less obvious. Read about it...

Breeding Golden Retrievers 
Breeding dogs, any breed, to me, is a gamble. Many times, it works perfectly; many times, thing go wrong drastically. There is no foretelling. You just have to accept it as Mother Nature’s way of doing things. Read about it...

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs
After years of small animal practice we’ve heard this many times from dog owners that they give chocolates as treats to their dogs. But do you realise that you are poisoning your beloved one!

This is definitely quite scary, but to begin with I should tell you that one of the ingredients of chocolate is theobromine that in the long run might poison your pets. Read about it... 

Adopting Feline Grace
So the big moment is finally here. You have got a new cat and you have just begun a relationship that is likely to be filled with undiluted fun and affection. Welcome to the wonderful world of cat ownership. Now it is the time to introduce your kitty to his/her new home. With just a little planning and patience, you can ensure that your cat’s adjustment period will be as quick and stress-free as possible. Read about it...

Jeevashram – All About Animal Care and Cure
In this age of crude materialism, there are very few reflections of selfless service and undiluted human compassion. Jeevashram, whose mission is dedicated to the prevention and cruelty towards animals is one among a few institutions in India that is guided primarily by an altruistic motive. Read all about it.

The Great Rajapalayam 
This is one of the most popular native breeds of South India. Rajapalayam is a district in Tamil Nadu, located south of Maduria. It is here that one of India’s premier hounds was developed. This dog is a sleek and elegant animal, and an excellent hunter. On the whole, they are good guards capable of defending their territory with grace and élan. Read the story.

A Friend Found and Lost
Veena Singh presents an amazing story about finding a friend (a dog), loosing him and finding him again. We welcome others to contribute stories as moving as this one. Read the story.

Dog Sledding in the Great White North
Creature Companions Managing Editor had the opportunity to go dog sledding in Canada a while back. We thought the experience might be interesting to our Indian readership. Siberian Huskies are great pets by the way, but perhaps not suited for the Indian climate unless however, we talking about Ladakh. Read the story.

Successful Aquaria Employ Science
Fish and other aquatic creatures, just like all of us and our other pets, require good hygienic living conditions. It is only common sense which can tell us that, in fact, fish constantly live in a medium (water) which also carries waste. Read what Mr. Abhik Mazumdar has to say about this.


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