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Current Edition
(February 2014)


Content within the Current Edition of Creature Companion Magazine

  • News & Events

  • Cover Story
    The most heartwarming dog stories of 2013

  • Exotic Pets
    Pet raccoons: Caring for the wild child

  • Pet of the month

  • Breed Profile
    Cocker spaniel: a good-natured, sporting dog

  • IIPTF: Special report
    A truly international affair!
    Caring for creatures
    IIPTF 2014 photo feature


  • Feline
    Understanding your cat purr-fectly
    Abyssinian: The elegant entertainer



  • Birds' Eye View
    How to keep your chirper chirpy

  • Ngos
    Ageing pets: All you need to know


  • Aqua
    Why to have an aquarium & how to maintain it


  • Your Pet & You
    Pet dogs are great workout buddies

  • Groomer's Corner
    5 Grooming trends for 2014

  • Bark
    Interpreting your dog’s barking

  • Health & Wellness
    Housebreaking your furry beauty
    Dietary proteins: building block of your pets


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