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Indian Govt to bring Indian Owners to Heel!


Music for Doggy Ears


Indian Dogs becoming Prone to Diabetes


Little Bo Rich


Barking Ball to Fetch Funds for Dogs & Cats


Mariah Carey's Bath ruined by Pet


Rising cases of tick fever in India


Romeo Dog travels to Netherlands to find Match


Dog Killings Protest at DJB Office


China International Pet Show 2010


PETS International Buyers Guide Mobile


4th India International Pet Trade Fair—A roaring success


Now a dog washing machine


PETA blasts Simpson for wanting a pet pig


Giant George wins World's Tallest Dog title


Pet owners in Bangkok warned against fake rabies shots


Food Bank pet food drive


Owners use Potty Patch to keep pets away from blizzard


Sadie wins Westminster Dog Show


Pet Dog’s Warm Coat Keeps Girl Alive


Till death do us apart


Fish can remember for months


Keeping Dogs in India Taxing, Literally


Pet Industry in India and China


Indians spent US$29 million on pet food in 2007


India International Pet Trade Fair 2008 a great success


Import tariffs lowered on pet food





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